Happy Birthday Kris!!!Edit

This is a Wiki dedicated to you and your birthday! Here your friends will list memories, things that they like (or dislike) about you, and just general craziness related to you! So sit back and enjoy all the nonsense to follow :)

The good, the bad, the bullshitEdit

ByrdShyt - Okay so I guess I'll start. I'm first! Woot! Alright Kris, where do I start? You and I have come a long way since you were first brought into the J-11 Adults Line chat. I really like how you meshed with the people there, and with me, and thought you would be a great addition to the Rebels alliance. I went to the council and said Hey! lets get her and they were like Hey! good idea. This was before the alliances were official in PR so there was no leader yet. I can say and comfortably speak for everyone in our alliance that you were no mistake. You grew into one of the strongest Squads on J-11 and even moved up to become a vital member of the council. You have not only been an amazing addition to the alliance but an amazing addition to my life, more than you know and much more than everyone else here knows :p. You've had me smiling nonstop. Damn cheesy smiles. Thank you :)

Latest activityEdit

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